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Updated on May 07, 2012

My daughter is being bullied in the school bus , she is a quiet child ; we are thinking of putting her in some kind of martial arts so she can atleast defend herself. I am conflicted , she is a very peaceful child and does not like the concept of going to a martial art class. What do we do ? how do we handle this ??

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| Aug 14, 2012

The first important thing is to teach our kids that bullying of any sort is NOT OK. They dont have to bear with it. They can complain. If that does not work, you can try what a friend of mine did. When the bus stopped at her drop off point, she climbed on it and asked her daughter who was bullying her. Then she gave those kids a sound hearing, and said if she ever heard anything like this again, she would take their names to the principal. The bullying stopped. There are down sides to it of course, your child may be ostracized. But better that than having them bully her every day. The best thing, I think, would be to make your child strong inside... teach her to talk back, teach her that she has the right to defend herself. My daughter was being bullies by her own classmate in class. She would tell lies about her like she has taken my pencil! I taught my daughter to say "Mind your own business", and then complain to the teacher, and she is very happy with that.

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