mehul angry with me

7 to 11 years

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Updated on Apr 28, 2016

why mehul aggressive

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| Apr 28, 2016

Hi Nidhi, Mehul is at a stage where he is dealing with lots of changes and hence he is confused. Be gentle but firm with him. don't nag him and let him know that you will be there for him whenever he wants to talk.

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| Apr 29, 2016

Hi Nidhi Raisa! How r u? Nidhi there could be many reasons for her being angry with u. She might feel u give little one more attention or you don't love her like before or u r not able to u understand her. It's difficult to guess without getting to know the actual situation. Having said that it's advisable please try and spend time with her, say spend 15minutes exclusively with her when u r doing nothing but listening to what Mehul has to say,hug her,talk about what she did in school , talk about your childhood with her .Once she opens up try and understand why she is not happy. Work out a solution. Try and bridge the gap,praise her ,appreciate her for whatever she does for u and the family. Don't nag her by asking why does she remain angry. Connect with her so that she comes to u and shares her heart out. Take her out in the park or for picnics or for long drives . Ask family members to take care of your younger child while u r busy with Mehul. Since she is growing up she needs u ,so u need to wear the cap of a friend more often. Hope this helps!

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