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Updated on Oct 26, 2015

Hi, my son aged 7 years has the ability of creativity, good handwriting and activeness. But he did not have much memory to remember things. This worried me lot. Pls help me how to improve his memory?

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| Oct 27, 2015

Hi Shashikant, you can try playing some memory games. There are many which come in the market, where the child has to match tiles, or where he has to see the objects for a few seconds and then try and remember all of them later on. Also, in your daily routine, give him small responsibilites such as remind papa to go to the chemist today in the evening. And if he does, praise him amply or treat him. other activites like, when you come back from school remind mumma to call up papa etc. these should help.

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| Nov 25, 2016

If you are looking at something which help them develop key fundamental skills then pls do read on…. Brain is the centre of all learning and experiences and cognitive skills are the core skills required to process the information. Cognitive skills like Memory, Logical Thinking, Attention Span, Learning Ability are critical to performing any task, simple or complex. Cognition requires multiple areas of the Brain to function simultaneously. We at SochGenie are trying to address the core of learning and what better way than by playing games!!! We have launched the first version of the app which tries to map 20 different skills like Memory, Attention Span, Concentration, Decision Making, Evaluative Thinking, Logical Thinking and many more through a set of 4 simple yet engaging games. You can see your top 5 skills for each game and also the top 5 skills overall in the app. We will be launching our website soon which will highlight the complete set of 20 skills. The Scores are as per the performance of an individual in that particular age group and skills are mapped to the performance in the game as per age groups. Badges are allotted to each skill based on the ranking of the user in that particular age group for that particular skill. And all this is COMPLETELY FREE! Pls do try and review the app at respective stores: Google Play: SochGenie - Train your Brain - Android Apps on Google Play ( App Store : SochGenie on the App Store ( | Facebook

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