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Updated on Nov 04, 2016

Once our baby is born we start thinking about milestones ...3 month 6 month 9 ..1 year and so on ...we keep on googling , read as many articles and try to compare whether my child achieved it . Whenever we see other kids if same age we curiously ask how many goals he/she has achieved. And then if the number is greater we keep worrying " is something wrong with my baby". But what we forget that at the end of each article its written "every child is different and grow at different pace". So true My son now 17 months was born early but he learned everything in late but correct way ..I was also worried when he wasn't crawling or turning as per "milestones" ..but later I understood that my son took time but he learned it in correct way... after quite a while I stopped thinking about milestone ....he is just 17 months and why should I put pressure to achieve goals . He will learn in his own way . When milestones article said child start walking from 10-12 months son was still in his four legs .. But what I noticed that is he improving or showing progress in whatever he is doing. I think that matters a lot. Now he is swift walker ... but talking ya not much. Hardly 10 words of vocabulary but actions and gestures a lot. I think he will soon start talking when he will be ready and as a mother I can only wait patiently giving him his time. As a mother I think we should be aware of milestones but what we should notice is the progress they are making , even its a small one . Once we start seeing this we have less to worry. But as a mother our worry might not end but we can find some peace and happiness in our little world.

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| Nov 04, 2016

Well said

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