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Updated on Nov 11, 2019

what to expect from my bby who is approaching his 3rd month?

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| Nov 11, 2019

Hi phelisa ! By 3 months the baby will smile and laugh a lot with pleasure and excitement. She will exhibit excitement when u talk to her. Moreover, she will appreciate the presence of new people and won’t be hesitant in communicating with them. The younger one will appeal to and be attracted to everything around her. They imitate sounds and begins to babble. The eyesight power gets enhanced by this time and they can have their attention over small objects as well. They scrutinize and focus on the surroundings to catch hold of things and put in their mouth. They become capable of lifting their chest and head when they are on their tummy. It is crucial for the toddler to be on their tummy, waving the arms and kicking the legs. This facilitates them to learn how to crawl and results in a strong back. After a certain point in time, they might get annoyed being in this position. Thus, always ensure that you keep them in this position only till the baby’s capacity to tolerate. They turn heads towards the familiarity of voices, by this time they can absolutely recognize your voice. They make sounds to communicate with you. As a parent, you should frequently speak with the baby, which would facilitate the baby to talk .

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