Smitha Anup

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Nov 06, 2015

Hey mommies.. just wanted an insight on when does a baby start crawling and sitting.. I know every baby is different but still.. my little one has completed 8months but has still not started crawling or sitting... he has been trying to crawl since 7 months ..should I be worried.

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Dr Pooja N

| Nov 23, 2016

Hi Smitha, there is no reason to worry. milestone acheivements are usually during an age range and not on a specific months. seems like your baby is in the right range. you can also use some good online tool to track the growth of the baby, to get an idea whether it is on track or not. I use this app called BabyOnBoard which is a really good tool. it has a pretty simple and accurate milestone tracker. moreover, it is really nice to use since it helps you track baby growth using your baby's photos. you can try it.

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Dhanashree Lale

| Nov 06, 2015

Hi Smitha, don't worry! Some children don't crawl at all! Just ensure that you give him his daily dose of calcium and calcium rich foods. Observe every bit his movement though!

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hina singh

| Nov 06, 2015

Hi thr! No need to worry every child takes time until her/ his body is not ready... My girl took 10 months to sit because of her comparatively big head... We went for even MRI visited neurophyscist but every thing was normal so don't worry just keep on doing daily massage...

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