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Created by Pooja Jain
Updated on Jul 31, 2016

my 1 year old daughter is still on breastfeeding, but as I give her formula or cow milk she cries like anything.. dun understand whats wrong with her.. I even tried giving her different flavors like Horlicks , bournvita, boost etc.. she eats well but in case of drinking milk I m very worried please help me out with Some best solutions

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| Jul 31, 2016

be calm... your baby is used to breast milk and don't want to try anything else.. that's why she is crying ...if u want her to switch to cows milk you need to start weaning her off breast... try to reduce the time or divert her attention to something else an outdoors or some fresh juice ...keep giving her milk cup everyday. …slowly ull meet at the middle ...means she will take some milk outside of it breast feeding ...then u can plan to wean her off completely

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| Jul 31, 2016

Hi pls don't give Her Formula/ Cows Milk or any Bournvita as She is not suppose to have these things when U r getting breast milk y U r giving Her FORMULA?? And Bournvita and all U r not suppose to start before 5 if I m not wrong. Pls talk to ur paediatrician. She will gradually stop breast milk. Feed her with khichdi Upma Daliya etc. After 1 year milk is not there primary food. Though She should have it approx 300 to 400 ml but confirm with Ur Pedia. If She will eat properly She will automatically cut down on Her milk intake. By giving Her Formula U r spoiling Her system. Formula is given when the mother is not lactating. Even Formula fed babies are stopped formula milk after 1 year.

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