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Created by Priyanka Bakshi
Updated on Jun 07, 2017

hi my son is hvng stomach infection and dr has said nt to gve milk but my baby is crying for milk he is nt able to sleep in nght. please let me knw any alternate. his stomach does nt get fill by 4-5 spoons of khichdi or daliya

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| Jun 07, 2017

mother's milk can be given its good for the baby. will also help to cure infection. my daughter was 7 mnths old whn she suffered wid stomach infection n dirreah passing green stool. Dr asked not give wheat products and sweet dishes. i was supposed to give her my feed every 3-4 hrs and rice,moong dal, curd n banana in meals.

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| Jun 07, 2017

Hi Priyanka, what is the exact age of your child? if you are giving solids as you mentioned, give frequently with small gaps. If doctor asked to avoid milk then please follow the instruction. Give fruits purees without milk. If he is having only 4-5 spoons only at a time then try again after some gap.

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