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Updated on Jul 18, 2016

my daughter use to understand her study topics very fast but she forgots also very quickly ...

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| Jul 19, 2016

thanks for ur suggesstion ..

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| Jul 18, 2016

Deepashree, your child's long term memory is beginning to develop at this age. It's still weak. So it's common for children of this age to forget new things. So repetition is the key. The first time if she learnt by seeing, subsequently use other methods of learning such as learning by doing, reading, drawing, singing, playing. Try to also incorporate something that would interest her. For example when your child is learning animal locomotion, use pretend play to play an animal game. Assume a ball is the animal's food. Let the child pretend to be a particular animal and use different animal locomotion such as crawl (slug), slide(Penguin), hop (frog), pounce (tiger), swim etc to reach the ball. Similarly play charades to learn how animals carry babies, the animal sounds etc. Another example : Use choco pie and assume it is the earth. Keep gems / M&M chocolate in the middle of the chocopie and tell her how similar the layers of earth and chocopie are. the outer chocolate layer is like outer earth's crust, the inner soft marshmallow layer is earth's mantle, and the gems/ M&M is the earth's core (inner and outer core). Child would never forget the layers of earth and the order again. because she would remember the layers of the earth every time she eats choco-pie. Try to make connection between the real life incidents and the things she is learning. Hope this helps.

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