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MMR vaccination -- aftermath

Radhika Shahdeo

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Apr 25, 2013

Hi all, My 16 month old daughter was vaccinated with the MMR and  chicken pox (varicella vaccine) vaccines 12 days ago. About 2 days ago she started getting feverish and then started coughing, had a runny nose... and then developed a measle like rash all over her body... its mild.. not angry and red but its all over her body.. but most intense around her groin area. Her doctor has advised cetrizine twice a day for 2-3 days. On reading it up, they do mention that this is a possible reaction to MMR but just wanted to know if this is common.   Thanks, Radhika.

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Radhika Thombre

| Apr 27, 2013

Hi! Radhika, My twins were also administered MMR vaccine, thankfully they did not develop any rash. Please check up with pediatritian immediately. If he has prescribed cetrizine. Please start it immediately. never take any chances with child's health

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| Apr 25, 2013

Hi Radhika, my child did not get the rash but i have heard that some children do get mild measles after 2 weeks of getting the vaccine. It should subside within 2-3 days.. take care.

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