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Updated on Feb 15, 2014

My son is 8 year old. He is actually addicted of playing games on mobile phones not only he uses my phone but also of relatives, friends when they visit our place or we visit theirs. It is really embarrassing for us. Also we are keen on making him realize that this is not a good habit. Please help with advice. Thanks.

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| Feb 15, 2014

Hi Meenu, Many kids are nowadays addicted to playing games in computer, iPad, play station , mobile phones etc. U can reduce the technology time gradually. Explain to him the ill effects of the mobile phone radiation, the heating effects etc. Tell him that because of the mobile phone radiation the small sparrow species is endangered now. Even when the mobile phone is placed in the bed, those who sleep in the bed are having a risk of health hazards. U can google and show all these facts. So tell him strictly that he can play only for half an hour a day. Put passcode for ur mobile and keep it as a secret. For playing check his half an hour. Try to take him out to park and spend sometime with him everyday. So that he gets enough physical activity. If he cries for phone, u play indoor games with him and divert. New card games, carrom, chess , ludo etc can help having quality family time together and at the same time he can come out of addiction. Also explain that mobile phone usage will cause eye problems. Be patient and spend time with him to win over his addiction. All the best!

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