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Updated on May 08, 2012

My 5 yrs old thinks my mobile is a toy , more specifically its his toy ; despite having told him many times my phone is in a bruised and battered state because it has fallen so many times.. I don’t want to yell at him all the time but I don’t know what to do … 

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| Aug 14, 2012

One solution is to teach them to be careful while handling the phone. My 5 yr old uses the iphone on trips to play games. She is very careful with it, as she has been told that once this breaks she is not getting another one. One other thing is to buy them a toy phone with games. They will get the difference of course, but it worked with my daughter, as it just gave her an alternative "gaming" gadget.

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| May 08, 2012

hey swati , i went through a similar situation with my daughter but one time when my phone actually broke then i sat her down ( she was 4 then ) told her that it made me very sad when my phone broke same as when her toy breaks and she get very upset . Her instant reaction was " mama we'll get you another phone " ; then again i explained to her that it costed a lot of money to buy a new phone and i did not have that much money on me . She was quiet but did get the point . I still let her play with my phone once in a while but she is very careful with it now and both of us are happy.

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