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mobile usage of kid

3 to 7 years

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Updated on Aug 01, 2017

my son 3. 8 years, daily wants to see dinosaurs videos in you tube. this was started like my family member showed him in you tube while he asks for wat s dinosaurs. pls give suggestions to get rid of the mobile usages since he s too adamant n get mobile when he wanted.

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| Aug 01, 2017

same with me also and he wanted dinosaur toy also but u can divert his mind by engaging him in some other creative activity like craft work, dancing, playing out, may be he will slowly divert his mind from dinosaur to other things

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| Aug 02, 2017

Hello Vijaykumar I am also a mother of two amazing kids and had faced the same problem few months back, It is a rule that both my husband and I dont give the kids the mobile, no matter what, we faced hugh tantrums initially, but now the kids know that they can't expect the mobile from us. I've also written a blog which might be helpful to you, go through the same and even the blog after that which gives you a clear idea as to why gadgets should be avoided for the kids. Hope it helps

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| Aug 03, 2017

My child is 5 years old and had similar issues of execessive mobile usage. D key to breaking this habit is its stages first we limited the mobile watching to 1 hr a day with consensus of timing from my child then we made it slowly to half hr each day then moving to half hour each on sat n Sunday. everytime we involved the child in this decision making keeping her engaged in other fun activities occupying n scheduling her time in other activities like one sports activity one dance form n school homework

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