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 OPEN IN APP X keyboard_backspace Dear Mom, give me a part of you Oct 04 2016  Janhavi UkhalkarBLOGGER This might not be the politically right thing to say. If someone asks me, what was the first thing you felt after the birth of your baby, I am supposed to say – obviously the love and care for my newborn. But strangely, I did not feel it right away. What I felt was, an increased sense of love and respect for my own mother. She was the first person to hold my baby, when I was still in the operation theatre. And from that moment on, her energy, enthusiasm, efforts were the only thing that held me up for the rest of the five days I spent in the hospital. Be it cleaning, burping the baby or rocking her to sleep or calming her when she was crying, my mom did it everything. If I was awake, with me she was too. If I could not move due to the anesthesia, she rocked my baby to sleep. She just went home for a while in the morning for the daily chores and back she was in the afternoon, right till the next morning. Miraculously, she didn’t show any sign of fatigue, and I was left wondering from where did she get all of that endurance from ?? I could only say her one thing – mom, give me a part of it.   There are times when my daughter fusses so much to eat. I have to go to work and take care of thousands of other things right at the same time when I am trying to put that one morsel into my daughters mouth. At times I feel like screaming and later I feel like giving up everything and crying. And then I remember my mom and how she managed to do same things as me with so much peace and patience. I never saw her screaming and rarely saw her crying out of helplessness. At such times, want to say her – mom, please give me a part of your patience. Sometimes, my daughter is ill. And a bubbly, active toddler is transformed into a dull and sleepy baby. She hardly talks through the day and refuses to eat anything. I lose my nerve and my sleep and spend hours sitting next to her worrying about when she will get back to normal. And then I remember my mom, sitting next to me for hours when I would fall sick. Attending to every smallest of my needs and sometimes just holding my hands to just give me the strength. She never let me know her fears, though inside, I am sure she was scared. At such times, I want to tell her – mom, please give me a part of your faith to get me through all this. There are moments when I am amazed at the speed at which my daughter is growing. One day she walks and another day she is running. I am scared if I would be good enough to provide for her needs – financial, social, emotional and others. I worry if I would be good enough to answer her questions. And then I think about my mother – I am sure she had her doubts. But she compensated her shortcomings with the sheer volume of the love she had for us. She was always “THERE” and we never looked for anything else. At such times, I want to tell her – mom, please give me a part of your selflessness for me to give to ahead to my daughter. At times I am scared and clueless about what to do when life throws unexpected challenges which leads to some painful experiences. Its then I worry that all this should not affect the precious and tiny little mind of my baby. And then, I remember my mother, who stood like a rock throughout my father’s major health problem. Thinking of her now, I wonder how she handled her own fears internally, but externally never involved her children in it. At such times, I want to tell her - mom, give me a part of your strength. Everything she did and still does is an example in itself. So I want to say, dear mom – GIVE ME A PART OF  YOU !!  

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| Oct 09, 2016

ya ... mujhe b mere baby k birth k bad mere ma k prati pyaar or repect badh gya ... mujhe samjh me ane lga k kitni khatinayi se usne mujhe sambhala ... mai b apne mom jaise apne baby ki care karna chahti hu unke hi jaise strength patience love care k sath

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