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Updated on Nov 29, 2018

after y delivery an feeling so dull and depressed. smtms I thnk that am not loving my baby or am not giving care. am not satsfd as a mother. I want a sotln. please help me. always am feeling sad. Not intrstd in anything.

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| Nov 29, 2018

hi Geethu Sivaprasad ! what u r going through is not unusual. it is called postpartum depression . it is due to a multitude of factors like bodily changes, hormonal changes, changes in family setting, change in ur role, addition of responsibilities. please do not get disheartened and open up with a friend in whom u can confide in. join a group of moms. u r at the right place @parentune where many mothers of newborns would share their side of the story with u and give u suggestions too.. keep us in the loop. trust me u r a wonderful mother n u r doing an amazing job. just take out time for yourself and relax .

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