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moral values

7 to 11 years

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Updated on Oct 13, 2016

how to learn moral values

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| Oct 14, 2016

hi Kiran Rana! hope you are doing fine! I appreciate your concerns. Moral values are learned from parents and family. they form a person's character. if by principle,being truthful and trustworthy, no to stealing, respecting elders, care of weak and needy , love for animals are practised in my family , my children are ought to follow the same and imbibe these moral values. parents have to be consistent in their rules and what is wrong one day should be considered wrong on other days too and should not subject to change with situations for one and for all. for instance if stealing and lying are considered wrong by me and if my child brings home an eraser with her favorite character on it and I know it doesn't belong to her , I should enquire her about it and ask her to return it immediately the very next day to whosoever it belongs. I could simply explain to my child , what does not belong to us cannot and should not be with us. if we parents and other significant people in our child's lives are consistent in our rules right from the beginning and practice the same ourselves , I am sure our children would definitely learn the same. we should be assured that baggage of moral values we pass on to them would be passed on their children as well and practised religiously. hope it helps!

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