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Updated on Sep 01, 2017

my daughter is 4 years old what I have to teach her,regarding studies , moral,give her some free worksheets

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| Sep 01, 2017

hi Gayathri! I appreciate your concern. u could teach your child so many things by being a role model yourself. for instance addressing ur household help with respect, helping her in times of need, asking her water, or tea, food. this way u would teach her to respect others even those who are not financially well off. u could address lift man , guard, and other helpers with respect ..such as 'Bhaia ji' also u could help the poor and needy , this would teach her , how to empathise and have sympathy for others. u could ask people who visit u even the plumber , electrician, a glass of water. and how r they and how is everyone at their home. probably it's been quite a long time since someone enquired about their well being.. besides this u could teach her honesty by not lying no matter how harsh the truth is. also teach her value of money by saving money, and not spending it without purpose. most importantly teach her to find happiness in small small things and not materialistic pursuits . taking care of pets animals, being kind and compassionate towards them would again teach them empathy, real meaning of happiness and unconditional love. I believe ur child would learn all this traits imitating u. hope this helps!

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