Morning nausea

7 to 11 years

Created by Aastha Aggarwal
Updated on Jul 03, 2017

hi, my child has nausea feeling in morning before going to school. Sometimes, eats properly and sometimes not but whatever, nausea feeling is there and sometimes after vomiting only feels better.

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| Jul 03, 2017

Thanks Shikha for your promptu and lovely suggestions, will try to implement as much as possible. Agree with no forceful feeding, instead go as per child's wish with a healthy lifestyle and now your lovely suggestions.

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| Jul 03, 2017

hi Aastha Agarwal! I do understand your concern. some children are just not comfortable having anything early morning. it's best to practice a healthy lifestyle wherein the child is served dinner by 8 pm sharp and he calls it a day by max 9. 30. pm. wake up the child early say by 5-5. 30 am. make him get fresh. take him to the park , let him to do lil stretching excercises and take a round of the park and on his way back home give him some handy food such as a toast with light butter spread on it and orange or some other fresh juice instead of milk. sometimes sitting down and pushing a plate of meal down the throat early morning isn't a very good idea . on the other hand , being on the move in a pleasant and cheerful ambience, takes away all anxieties . also u could pack some handy food such as thin slices of fruits, which he could take around 10 am , followed by light tiffin for lunch time in school.. hope this helps!

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