morning vomiting sensation

3 to 7 years

Created by Naina Naik
Updated on May 05, 2017

my daughter doesnt eat anything before going to school. she tell she is feeling vomiting sensation n sometimes she vomit also. later she feel ok in afternoon n eve she eat well .i feel bad as she takes one or two piece of breakfast n go to school. plz friends help me. any home remedy for this. ?

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| May 06, 2017

A Mahak Fragrance! how r u!please read the below mentioned comment. also please talk to ur child and find out if there is any anxieties related to school or friends or teachers. also if she doesn't like to eat anything early morning avoid forcing her and avoid giving milk. rather pack a small handy snack such as butter toast, a rolled roti with a light layer of veggies or small sandwiches which she could have around 9 am before lunch time in school. she could have it during transition from one period to another or u could take permission from teacher so that she could be allowed to have it around that time. please also try and find out her choice, if that could be given that would be great!!

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| May 05, 2017

hi Naina Nasik! there could be many causes such as worms, too much gap between meals or aversion to milk or it could have some relation to psychological problems due to which child feels so such as any issues with friends,teachers, studies, anxiety related to tests/ exams etc. which is affecting her this way. please talk to her and find out the cause. also have an expert opinion to rule out any underlying cause. hope this will help u!

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| May 05, 2017

exactly same is the case with my child also, if someone knows it's reason, or its cure, plz suggest how to treat this morning sickness

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