Mosquito bite marks

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Updated on Oct 09, 2012

Hie,   My 3 and a half year son has musquito bite marks all over his legs. He had a habit of continuously meddling with the bitten area which have left lots of marks. Any suggestions on how to reduce these marks.   Regards.

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| Oct 13, 2012

Thank you all, your tips are really helpful.

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| Oct 11, 2012

The marks that are left after a mosquito bite will definitely fade with time, Use of depigmentation creams is not advisable at all as this would lead to fading of the skin from that area. "Calosoft" is a great skin soother and can be applied on the area of the bite to help ease the itching. Incase your child has very sensitive skin then a herbal cream called " Ritch " can also be used to sooth the area. Mostly make sure the child is wering full sleeves when he is out in the park or school so the mosquito bite does not happen.

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| Oct 10, 2012

hey archana, there is a great mosquito repellant spray from chicco it works great with my son , also don't worry , with time these marks fade i have actually seen that happen . If you are still worried though you can coat the bite marks with aloevera when you put your child to sleep, the aloe will heal the wound much faster and will take care of the marks too...

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| Oct 09, 2012

apply lacto calamine lotion twice a day....... and immediately after a mosquito bites u can apply suthol antiseptic... this will prevent him from scratching ........whenever he goes out to play... apply odomos or any other mosquito repelent if he is not allergic to it...

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