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Mosquito bite

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Updated on Aug 25, 2015

Hi friends need ur help my little one is 15 months old. Her skin is very sensitive and dry mosquito has bite her and dark black spot are coming on her skin I use odomos for her to prevent her from mosquito bite but still it bites her.. Pls suggest some remedy to get rid off dat spot n is there any alternate for odomos.. Or any home remedy.

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Reshma Prateek

| Dec 26, 2015

U can try prucal lotion for mosquito or any insect bites.. my paed recommended this..

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Rujul Shah

| Sep 06, 2015

Hi. I have tried aloe Veera gel for any kind of marks or scars for my 3 and 1. 6 yrs old daughters and it has done wonders.

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Mukta Malhotra kalsi

| Aug 30, 2015

Hi. my daughter is 2years and since Friday night she has developed 3 -4 red rashes on her left leg.. seems like an insect bite bit guving alerid as recommended by her pead. .I'm worried. pl help

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Megha Chawla

| Aug 25, 2015

Hi Apeksha, here are a few things you could try, try and use a mosquito net if she uses a crib, besides don't use the coils cause the fumes from those are very harmful for the baby, what you could use instead are these- Put an instant cold pack it will help in relief from itching and swelling. You could also apply some tea tree oil, vinegar to the affected area. Also put some honey at night on the area, it has great anti-bacterial properties. Hope these help

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| Aug 25, 2015

Hi Apeksha, You should definitely try anti mosquito stickers. These are easily available at almost every medical shop and i found them really effective.

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