Mother's are the greatest gift of God....

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Updated on May 02, 2016

Hieee.... I am a mother of 3 n 1/2 month baby boy.. Being a mother I feel very grateful n I can imagine the happiness of a mother.... When I was small I looked at my mother n told her once that "all the mother's do everything for their babies but I feel something special in u" that tym she told me that every child thinks the same for their mother.. Not only u but me n other children's are thankful to their mother ... God cannot reach everywhere when there is need so he created mother to balance there.... mother isthe only one who can understands every lil problem n n happiness of her children.. Mothers r called as gift from god to the children bcoz she does everything for her children without any hesitation n without any fear... She puts her whole life in taking care of her children ..if she is sick also she will not let her child know about the sickness. n will do any thing for his sake.... Mom is the word itself defines the courage n patience which she holds n does everything....

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