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Motion Problem for my 9 months baby

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Created by Shakti Gandhi
Updated on Dec 09, 2013

My 9 months boy from last 5 days is facing some motion problems. He is going yellow liquid motion daily 10-12 times,especially 4-5 times in night. Also yesterday he was vomiting. We consulted our reqular child specialist,he told he have some stomach infection and gave some lactic acid syrup n bacillus liquid. from past 2 days we are giving medicines but it havenot helped. Can anybody please suggest what to do.... he have become weak too

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| Dec 11, 2013

Shakti he might also be getting a teeth or tooth due to which he would loose his diet as well. As Anurima said keep him well hydrated and do not panic. If you believe in homeopathetic medicines then you can try that as well. I always give my kids that and it really works well and no side effects and less antibiotics. Pls note that did you give him something new just before he started his motions so many times? Or has he started putting his fingers in his mouth. Kindly note if any food has caused him allergy as this would be useful for you for future. I generally make a note of what i give my kids on a daily basis in a diary. It helps me understand what made them vomit or have a stomach ache and i do not give that food again.

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| Dec 11, 2013

Thnx for ur comments... but till today he is gng some type motion but it is 7-8 times a day.... also he is not eating any food or drinking anything... he is just taking mothers milk that too very little... bottle milk he is not drinking...

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| Dec 10, 2013

Dear Shakti. Please make sure that your baby is well hydrated. Nurse him more often than usual. May I suggest you to take a look at the following blog on dehydration and how to make ORS solution at home. Please copy and paste the following link on your browser bar:

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| Dec 09, 2013

Hi shakti first of all don't panic. It will take time for the infection to be cured. Give domstal sort syrup 20 min before food. So that he will not vomit. Keep the food light like nestum, rice gangi idlis etc. u can give sabot (javvarisi) boiled in water. The water alone u can filter and give with salt or sugar. Avoid milk ,fruits and bakery items as well. Arolac also helps. Give medicines regularly and be patient. Ur belief will recover him fast. Take care.

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