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Nov 06, 2012

My daughter is 3 months old & has her hands in her mouth all day long. Sometimes she tends to wake up from her deep sleep just to put her hands in her mouth. My pediatrician said that its her mouthing stage & that its normal. However she waking up from her sleep is worrying me. Are her gums itchy or would she be having some irritation? Is a pacifier a relief? 

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gayatri devi

| Nov 17, 2012

hi urvi n arunima my daughter is also doing the same she is of five month

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| Nov 06, 2012

Hi Urvi. All babies go though this stage. Their hands will be in their mouths all the time.. as she grows older, she will start putting toys or anything else she can get a hold of, into her mouth. It may be the beginning of teething and it might be a long process! You can try giving her age appropriate teethers or soothers to ease her discomfort. I am not sure if pacifier is the solution as pacifiers are mostly used for comfort and soothing. If your baby in uncomfortable from teething, then she will not like to take the pacifier. My son suddenly stopped taking the pacifier at about 4 months of age and his first tooth popped out only at 7 months. You could try teethers which are not too big for her mouth.

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