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Updated on Feb 22, 2018

hi im 22 weeks pregnant I can feel movement only in the ryt side I ve never felt any movement in the left why it is lik dis ?is dis normal? in the 20th week anamoly scan they said evrything s fine and in tat spine was at ryt, legs left ,head down baby was active but why baby is not cuming to left side? I can sleep nly in the ryt side and on my back im not at all comfortable in my ryt side I feel heavy in the ryt side and sometimes mild pain in the ryt side ..plz help me out

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| Feb 22, 2018

hi Sandhya DS!! try and lie down on your left side and focus on the movements by doing so the blood circulation to foetus would improve .also movements increase between 9 P. M to 1 am at night due to drop in glucose levels. here is a blog u would find useful!

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