moving kids to separate room

3 to 7 years

Created by Parul Gupta
Updated on Dec 22, 2016

hi all parents, our 5 and 2 year old kids sleep with us in the same bed. we are planning to move them in separate room. what are the things we need to take care of to make this transition easy. all suggestions are welcome. thanks in advance.

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| Dec 23, 2016

first of all prepare your child mentally that he is growing up now. tell on every occassion that he is growing up now. its the favourite thing they like to listen. then slowly skowly the work of separation will start

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| Dec 22, 2016

hi Parul! involve your kids in planning their room. once its done let them decorate it, as this would keep up their excitement and let them develop a liking as things are according to their choice and comfort. meanwhile u could put a separate small size sofa cum bed or a foldable bedding for them in your room, so that they first get comfortable with sleeping on a separate bed and after a fortnight or so in a separate room. let them have their favorite corners in the room with a book shelf and a toys shelf . from the beginning itself motivate them to keep it clean and tidy it up by putting things back to their place. praise them and reward them with smileys and stars. .. hope this helps!

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| Dec 22, 2016

Hi your 2-year-old is still young to sleep in a separate room. As for your 5-year-old ensure that the separate room has been designed according to his/her likes. So when the time comes to sleep in the room they will be eager to go, as that room will reflect their domain. Also, initially, be prepared for the child to come into your in the middle of the night.

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