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mu daughter is very thin give me some tips

3 to 7 years

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Updated on May 17, 2016

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| May 17, 2016

Hi B. kondal Reddy! Good morning!how r u! Being thin is not an indicator of poor health status. Though u could still take her weight and see if it's appropriate for her height. If u happen to find out its below the average weight u could bring a change in the meal pattern and planning. For ex- give her 4to 5 small servings in a day rather than 2or 3 large meals ,As this is overwhelming for kids go see plates full. Secondly make the food of her choice with ingredients of your choice. The fillings that go inside have to healthy and nutritious. For instance if u make dosa for her, give stuffing of all the vegetables nicely boiled and sauteed. Keep it mildly spicy , attractive and colorful u could make it in different shapes Like star dosa or smiley dosa. Give it a name and make a story around it. I am sure she will not only like the story but the dosa too. Tell her how when her favorite cartoon character Disney princess had it , she became strong with long hair. So basically it's a trick of presenting the same stuff in a new innovative interesting packet. Give her whole fat milk , curd ,paneer, cheese, ghee ,butter but judiciously. Legumes can be given as filling or dals or as sprouts or in paranthas etc. Salads can be given with dressings . Try giving custards with fruits and milk shakes with dry fruits and smoothies with honey . Butter milk /kheers/puddings can also be given. Plan your meals wisely so that there is enough of proteins, carbs ,fat ,minerals and vitamins prescribed for her age. Have a plate for yourself too. Enjoy your meal so that she can't resist it too. Avoid force feeding and u could also involve her in the process of preparation of meal and discuss about the nutritive value of ingredients. Hope this works !

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| Aug 26, 2016

Hi Just ask your kid to chew the food properly (chew at least 10 to 15 times) This may solve your 50% of the problem. rest depends on the genetics, age and climate. So don't worry everything will be fine.

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