my 1. 5 year old baby bow not taking/eating food properly


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Updated on Jan 11, 2020

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| Jan 11, 2020

Hi kalyani ! Make sure to make him seated on a high chair with family members. Serve him whatever u cook , he would gradually learn to eat by watching.. Serve him in a plate and allow him to eat in his own. u could also feed him side by side.. Make mealtime funtime. Praise him when he finishes. clap for him and reward him with his favorite dosh once in a week ,if he eats well the entire week.

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| Jan 11, 2020

Helo kalyani at this age they won't be eating properly and you can't make him sit for long at a place. It is normal only and kids are nowadays very active. What you can do is prepare new new recipes everyday. Try to make it colorful and present the food in an appealing way also. For example you can make tiger out of dosa batter or chapatti dough. Make colourful pooris. Sit together for eating and ask him to feed you this is a common way to make food time fun and interesting. Even if he is eating less it's okay only but dont force feed they will dislike the food and wont eat. read the following blog it might help you Blogs-,

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