My 1 year son

Sri Ramya

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Feb 07, 2016

Hi,my son is 1 year 2 months old. He doesn't drink milk and tried with bottles that also he don't like. He is so lean and 1 kg is less as per his age. please suggest me on how to do... Thanks

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Shanthi Pitale

| Feb 10, 2016

Hi children need some form of dairy if not milk.. try curd , cheese or paneer. The calcium in dairy is necessary for strong bones and teeth formation. You can try flavored milk or yogurt. My daughter does not like flavored milk / yogurt too but plain curd rice works..

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hosna t

| Feb 09, 2016

Hi Ramya, i also had same trouble with my son ,upon my doctor's advice i have started giving him flavoured milk.. get small sachets of children's horlicks or bournvita and try iam sure he will like it n start drinking milk. it still works for me.

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Sri Ramya

| Feb 08, 2016

Thanks for u r suggestions

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| Feb 08, 2016

Hiii Ramya, My son is also of same age as urs.. dis is da age that baby want to hv diffrnt taste.. try and giv him a kind of variety food.. if he doesn't drink milk don't force him.. wait for 1 or 2days.. den again giv him milk.. other than u can giv him(dal chawal with veggies, veggies soup, suji, dalia khichdi. ..many more).. hope diz helps

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| Feb 07, 2016

Hi Ramya! Please read this blog for some handy tips. http://www.parentune.com/parent-blog/help-my-child-is-underweight/381

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