My 10 month baby is not crawling

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Updated on Dec 14, 2015

HI, My 10 month old daughter though being very active, is not crawling. She is able to sit on her own but doesn't move forward. Should i be worried?

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| Dec 14, 2015

Netali, every baby is different & you need to give them their time. What I've been told is that some directly start walking & might not crawl. So pls give some more time & watch...

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| Dec 15, 2015

Hi Chethali, As Smitha said, every baby is different. Some babies skip crawling and move on to standing and walking directly. You can encourage your baby to move by keeping toys a little out of reach. He should be able to reach them with little movement. If it is too far, he may not try. Leave the baby on the floor(with a carpet or playmat) so that he learns to see things around and get motivated to move. You can crawl yourself and show him or show a crawling baby. Sometimes they will have the physical ability to do it but just need a little motivation. Hope this helps.

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