my 2. 5 month old baby again n again keeping his hand in his mouth, is it because of teething??

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Updated on Jan 26, 2020

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| Jan 26, 2020

Hi Priyanka !babies do it to soothe themselves. Ensure that baby is not hungry .if he does it after feeding you could make him wear mittens. make sure his hands are clean. you could also give him a pacifier and see if it works out but do wean him off as early as possible so that baby does not get used to it.

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| Jan 27, 2020

Helo priyanka at 2. 5 months normally teething never occurs in babies. Atleast by 6months only the first tooth appears in babies. They will put their entire fingers in their mouth. It is very normal. They are just exploring their hands. There is nothing wrong in putting their hands in their mouth. They are babies so, the explore various things by putting into their mouth only. Even after few days they start putting their toys also. After 4months you can offer them teether. When they start putting teether and explore it they will automatically forget putting fingers into their mouth. Even when teething happens teether soothes them. Even in rare cases if they are hungry they put their fingers in mouth. Let them explore dont take out their fingers. Enjoy their moves and ways of looking at different things. It is beautiful.

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