My 2. 5 yr old son says NO

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Updated on Aug 05, 2015

I have a 2. 5 yr old son who just says NO to everything. If I will ask him to greet his elders he will say No I will not do that.. even if I will ask him if he wants to eat food he will say No. How can I handle him

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| Aug 05, 2015

Thanks a lot Carol for this wonderful solution... will definitely do it this way

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| Aug 05, 2015

No is one of the first few words toddler learn very fast and they do use it often to show their resistance, also get fascinated by a newly found independence. So instead of asking her a yes or no question, give her the options or use open ended questions. Do you want to eat now or after 5 mins? do you want eat rice or roti? Whenever needed use a statement. "lets say hello to grandpa and grandma. " So there is no other option. Similarly you also avoid using the word NO frequently. instead of saying "no running" say what would happen if she runs. say "if you run so fast, you will fall down and hurt yourself". She will get the message.

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