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My 23 months old baby is not eating anything

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Updated on May 09, 2016

can any one suggest what baby likes a lot to eat.. she never eats food.. just eats chacolates, biscuits, ice creams, lays, and other junk food.. she cries a lot for those foods.. , never listens us.. if we go to d shopping mall, she cries rolling on the floor for chacolates n cream Biscuits, etc.. how to avoid dem, and how to feed her rice, roti, kichidi etc

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| May 11, 2016

Hi Sushma. From what you are saying, I would suggest that you seriously take steps to ensure that your baby doesnt have much of junk food because its not giving her any nutrition. You will have to be stern because this age is extremely habit forming age. Do you given in when she throws tantrums? If yes, then she obviously knows (toddlers are very smart that way) that the moment she throws tantrums she will get what she wants. But you as a parent will have to be really stern and yet gently persuasive. Make it a point that she knows that you will not budge, neither you should look like you are getting affected with her cries. She will not eat a couple of days and might cry a lot. But eventually she will get around and start having normal food which is extremely imp for her development. Also try and make her have her food when you guys are having. That way she will feel a sense of belonging to the dinner table. Hope you find a way out of this situation.

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| Jun 17, 2016

We are the only one who made the child eat these junk foods in the very early age. That is why the little one became aware of these junk foods. try to avoid as much as possible, be strict. They contain no nutritional value, extra salt or else extra sugar,.

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