my 2yr 4 month girl has small height and underweight than her peers..

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Updated on Sep 06, 2017

i want to improve her health.. what should i do? she has too aggressive behaviour ... and she sits in front of tv for long hrs... Please suggest me best things and activities to follow for her

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| Sep 06, 2017

hi Harmehar Kour Brar ! each child is different and so is their body built. plese don't get worried comparing with other children. as far as her tv viewing addiction is concerned plese plan her routine in which there is time for studies, rest, recreation, play etc. spend exclusive time talking to her without distractions around. hug her often in a day. praise her when she does something good . avoid complaining , criticizing or scolding her, instead talk to her how she can change her habits. u could spend time doing activities with her like DIY, indoor games ,take her to the park, quiz, coloring, paper tearing, etc. also avoid watching TV in front of her. record ur favorite programs and u can watch these later.. hope this helps!

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