My 3 months old baby is not sleeping in the cradle or in bed

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Updated on Feb 14, 2017

My 3 months old baby is not sleeping in the cradle or in the bed. She was sleeping earlier. Every time, while feeding she sleeps in my lap. Then if I take her to put in the cradle or in bed, she s getting up immediately and crying loudly. If she moves her hand or legs, she gets afraid and then getting up. Due to this reason, i am sitting with her for almost 18 hours per day. hence, I couldn't do any work. Also, makes me more tired. Please advise how can I make her feel safe inside the cradle or how can she go into deep sleep. I wish her to sleep 2 hours continuously in the cradle. Please pour your comments here. Thank you!

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| Feb 15, 2017

I would recommend : 1. swaddling of baby in muslin cloth during bed time ( not day time nap). This will make baby feel secure , which shd normally does in ur lap 2. light rocking before u transfer baby from ur arms to cradle/ crib 3 if possible introduce a ritual BBB at nite sleep time. Warm water bath, formulae bottle feed( it's fuller than BM in nite time) and the swaddling n. putting baby to bed.

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