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My 4 year old girl doesn't eat any vegetables !

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Updated on Aug 13, 2015

Dear All, My 4 year old girl doesn't eat any vegetables except potato and curd rice ! Sometimes, she likes to have raw carrot ! How do I feed her healthy ! Iam worried about her diet and growth ! Though she s active !

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| Aug 13, 2015

Hi Hema You may refer to an earlier parent talk-

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| Aug 19, 2015

Hi Hema. Have you tried giving her more raw vegetables like cucumber, lettuce etc? You can make a tasty salad with some lettuce, carrots, cucumber, cabbage with some lemon juice, salt pepper. cut the vegs in similar shapes and sizes and keep on the table along with her food. Let her taste and eat a little with her food. You could try introducing her to eating vegs in this way. Most children enjoy having raw vegs as compared to cooked vegs. Give her some time but be persistent. Hope this helps

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| Aug 20, 2015

First try to identify which all vegetables she likes and which she doesn't like. Also keep the note of dishes she is found of eating. Start introducing the disliked vegetables into her favorite dish in form of puree or finely chopped so that she cant identify it. Your can make Mix vegetable khichadi or pulao with roughly chopped vegetables she likes and very finely chopped veg which she doesn't like. make vegetable parathas, or make aloo parathas and include few palak or raddish or methi or beetroot. you can make cutlets in same way(potato, cabbage, palak, peas,beetroot, raddish, corn, soya granules, beans). If she like to have curd rice, you can add finely chopped cucumber and carrot in it. It will be really tasty. Like your said she like to have raw carrot and other raw veg's include with yogard dip. Hope this will help.

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