my 5 years old boy over talkative

3 to 7 years

Created by Jyothi Yerraguntla
Updated on Apr 09, 2017

am Jyoti, my 5 years old son, very aggressive, short tempered, over talkative, he talks alot but don't complete his task, am very worried sometimes I loose my patience with this over talkative and ignorance towards his homework and education, he says so many things but don't finish his work... just do the time pass... please experts help me to handle him

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| Apr 13, 2017

thank you sooooooooo much mam, I will definitely do what you said.... thank you sooooooooo much

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| Apr 10, 2017

hi Jyothi! children have Imaginative​ minds and they love to be in their own world and create their own stories. I can sense that your son is quite imaginative and talented. he is quite sharp and thinks a lot. why not use his this strength and with correct guidance utilize it to his advantage. as chances are if u would repeatedly snub him for sharing his thoughts with u , he would stop sharing it at some point or the other and that would put an end to his creativity. u could make him participate in story telling sessions,teach him to write in words as and when he is able to or express his thoughts through drawing or enact. the idea is to give direction to his thoughts and channelize his energies towards right cause and tapping those for some productive work. once he will get praise for his talent, I am sure he would focus on studies too. hope this helps.

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| Apr 09, 2017

my son will be 6 now.. we also face the same issue. have tried yoga for him but no concentration. keeps talking during yoga also

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| Apr 09, 2017

Hi I also have the same problem with my son. Please suggest me some useful tips to change his behavior. Plz....

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