My 6year old talking about boy friends and smiling over a boy and girl hugging!!!

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Updated on Oct 16, 2013

to need input as to how to handle situations when a 6yr old talks about girlfriend and boy friend!!

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| Oct 17, 2013

Hi dear Parent! In present day scenario nothing should seem surprising or shocking when it comes to kids n their knowledge about stuff which we would not like them to expose to at least at such an early age. Thanks to television, media , internet n curiosity in children. All these if not used wisely can be a disastrous for a child n his or her development. Please look for possible sources from where ur child is collecting all this information. For example is ur child in touch with a teenager or an adolescent in school, bus, neighborhood, family etc. Is she using internet to collect this information or is she watching channels meant for older children and adults. Once u find the possible source for her knowledge in this area please make sure she no longer has access to it. Discuss with her what could be the harmful effects of getting into all this at such a young age in language which is easily comprehensible by the child. please do not scare the child. Spend more time with the child. Talk to her wat happened during the day in school. It is advisable please do not react immediately after listening to any undesirable event as it might make the child go back to her shell n not open up with u n share what she wants to. Hope this helps!

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