My 7 month old baby wakes up every hour at night. He wants to be breast feed and sleep every time. I am tired and my back aches. He fights sleep all the time. Cries yawns rubs eyes but won't sleep! We rock him for 45 min he sleeps 30 min. Has anyone else faced this!

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Updated on Jan 14, 2020

He used to sleep OK during first 3 months. Though needed constant rocking but he would wake up 3 times or so then. Now it's been 4 months and he wakes up every hour at night. I am sleep deprived. Pls help. Thanks in advance

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| Jan 14, 2020

Hi Ashwini !I do understand your concern .first few months are really tough for the mother especially if the baby is a breastfeeding child. take help of your husband who could Rock him and put him to sleep once breastfed. keep his bedding warm and cosy .also make him sleep in a crib once he is fast asleep. keep the distractions to minimum in the room .also try and follow fix schedule everyday. be patient, gradually he would come around.

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| Jan 14, 2020

Hello Ashwini there is a phase called as growth spurt in babies which means breastfeed babies asks for more feed than usual. this period is temporary so you dont need to worry much about it. This may only last for two or three weeks. You can ask for help during this time. You can also read this blogs. Blogs-,

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| Jan 15, 2020

Main bhi same prblm face kr rhi hu

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