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My 7 year old talking about marriage! do i need to be alarmed?

7 to 11 years

Created by LISHA
Updated on May 21, 2017

Today my 7. 8 year old aon came and told me he wants to marry his friend from his class and was acting shy while telling me this as a secret! I asked him where did marriage come to his mind all of a sudden and told him if he feels same at the right age we will discuss about it. I didnt know how to react? or what should i say? He told me I should not tell anyone about this secret he shared! Did i react the correct way? Is there something to worry about or be alarmed? What should i tell him in such a situation? how should i react? and what should i be telling him? Please advice

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| Jun 16, 2017

u handle it very well. even such things happen with me. dont worry.

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| Jun 16, 2017

Hi these days kids are extra smart. they react what they see. your son also must have seen or heard some one talking about marriage. dont worry. u handled the situation well.

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| May 24, 2017

no need to be alarmed.

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| May 22, 2017

thanks a lot shikha!

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| May 21, 2017

hi Lisha! u handled the situation quite well. if u would have scolded him or warned him not to talk about such things in future he would have got scared and might avoid sharing his thoughts with u in future, though his mind would not stop thinking about such things . Lisha there are many sources around which keep talking about such things such as internet, television,radio, friends , seniors in school or elders around. we can't keep a watch on everyone and everything. it's time u answer child's questions and not shy away else he will look for other sources to quench his curosity which might not be reliable. be prepared for more such questions in future. please have a look at this blog, it may be of help to u!Hey! I find this Parenting blog really interesting. I suggest you have a look too:

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