My 8 yr old child lost just one teeth... Is this some thing normal??

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Updated on Dec 14, 2012

Dear Parents,   My 7. 5 yrs old girl child has just lost only 1 teeth so far. Where her age group children has almost lost 4 tooth.   She lost her lower left teeth 2 months back. She got the new teeth in the place. But later no more changes so for. After my study in internet, I understood that losing tooth may happen between  4yrs to 12 yrs period. Still I'm worried about that. And is there any heridetary issues willl effect this? 'coz her father was having some problem with his milky tooth. And on later period he got to take them away by a doctor. This is the main thing which is making me think a lot.   So, please suggest me that what I can do for my child in this regard.   thanks -sujana

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| Dec 15, 2012

Hey Sujana! As you said, milk teeth take a few years to go away. Most children begin to lose milk teeth at the age of 6 and this may go on till the age of 13. Since the child's father experienced difficulty with his milk teeth, your worry is understandable. By the age of 8, my child had lost about 4 milk teeth. Delayed tooth loss can cause overcrowding of teeth, leaving little space for new permanent teeth to grow. I would suggest you take the advice of a dentist which will help relieve your anxiety.

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| Dec 17, 2012

thanks for your advice Neena. I'm also planning to consult a dentist to clear my worries.

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