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my 8years old son is very casual , he does not focus on one thing he gets distracted very soon.. he will start up a work but without finishing he starts next

7 to 11 years

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Updated on Aug 25, 2016

how to deal with 8-11 age group

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| Aug 25, 2016

Hi Sanju, go through this article : That might be helpful to you !

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| Aug 26, 2016

hi Sanju Singh! how r u! some children get distracted very easily and what goes on around them distracts them . it's advisable to try out following methods to help him stay focused. make sure there are minimum distractions around . for instance there is no television or no gadgets being used around . Nobody is talking in the room, while he is studying. the room is not cluttered. lighting is proper, there is light music in the room if that helps him stay focused. also u could tap gently on his shouders to keep him focussed. While giving directions make sure u give it in small points so that he remembers. assign small tasks so that he can celebrate it's success. for instance don't give 3pages of work in one go rather split it up into one page each time and then correct it and praise him for that. also u could set time for him for instance 'Aditya u need to finish 5 sums in 15 minutes and if u don't Know how to do it then move on to next'. so by giving clear directions u r bringing clarity and making it easier for him to work. you could also talk to his teachers and tell them to remind him every few minutes to see if he is on the right track . constant supervision would stay him focussed. Sanju praise and motivation will do wonders in this case so try and be generous with that. hope this helps!

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