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My 9 yr old daughter is very stubborn

7 to 11 years

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Updated on Jun 11, 2016

She doesn't listen to anyone , creates problem in study and eating food

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| Jun 12, 2016

Hi Rinki!I can understand it is very frustrating for a parent to deal with a child who is always refusing to go with parents commands. We need to understand here Rinki the child is growing up and would not take what we say as it is. She is ought to have a different take on some of the issues if not all. It's time we understand and think about what she wants. Ask her choice and involve her in cooking with u the dish of her choice right from collecting ingredients to cooking. Appreciate her for her cook and share with the whole family giving her all the credit for it. Always praise her for small small things. Try and look at the good side of her and share with her every now and then how much u love her . Hug her , just spend exclusive 30 minutes with her listening to all that she has to say. Share your childhood memories with her . Regarding studies do tell her the importance of studies and let it not be a lecture. Rather make her talk to her older cousins in family who have been doing really good in studies and let them share casually how much they have worked hard to achieve what they have without saying negative things about her like she doesn't study at all or she doesn't listen to me. Always have good things to talk about rather than just discussing u didn't do this or that. I am sure with your love and perseverance she will come around. Rinki just try and understand your child better and know more about her than just restricting to food and studies. Work on the bond that u two share and let it take new heights and reach a level higher and closer to her. Hope this helps!

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