my 9 yrs son is very much weak in Maths, he has a fobia in maths, how can we recover from this problem ?

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Updated on Jan 20, 2017


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| Jan 21, 2017

Hi Manas, here's a blog that may help you-

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| Feb 01, 2017

Hi Manas, As you said, your child's math phobia is due to his weak fundamental knowledge. To rectify it, you should be able to find the exact topics (fraction, decimal, multiplication, finding elapsed time, percentage, 3D geometry etc) where he is weak. Make your son take up a diagnostic test of grade 3 (I'm assuming he is in grade 4 now). There are many test papers available in the internet. He neither needs to prepare for the test nor complete the test in one sitting. He can divide them into parts and can attempt the problems over a period of 2 or 3 days. Sit with him while correcting his paper. Once it's done, don't be judgmental. Give him a sheet with a list of topics and let him assess his performance (If the problem is wrong, let him write what went wrong and why). With the diagnostic sheet and his self assessment sheet, you will be able to pinpoint the areas where he has issues. Start working on them one at a time right from basics. You can make use of some workbooks to cover the topics. But dont overdo them. Use as many visual representation and math manipulative as possible. For the time being, do not expect him to score high marks in class test. Focus on getting his fundamentals right. Above all, either of the parents has to get involved with his math learning. He will improve soon. All the best.

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