my baby boy is very cranky.

1 to 3 years

Created by Smitha Bhat
Updated on Mar 04, 2017

my 3yrs old baby boy,has now a days become so cranky,at times I loose my patients.. Wat could be the reason?

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| Mar 04, 2017

this is the terrible two phase.... they throw more tantrum when they feel they have no authority. ignoring the tantrum is the only way. you can do the following in certain situations: 1. when throwing a tantrum or screaming for something- ensure there is nothing that will harm him. leave him alone. go to the other room n wait for him to calm down. trying to give him hug or reasoning will only raise your temper. once he comes to you then tell him to stop crying n then hug him. 2. if he is doing in public then distraction is the solution. 3. if he is asking for something and you are saying no for it then don't turn it into yes after he starts crying. children are very intelligent. they know that OK if I cry then mummy will give. 4. give gyan only in bed time through stories... if you want to know what to do in certain situation then just mention it I will tell you how you can tackle

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| Mar 04, 2017

hi Smitha, dont loose your temper. i know its very hard to tackle with growing baby . As he is growing there are so many changes he is experiencing and trying to adjust. handle with love , often give him hugs and praises. Spend time with him, take him for a walk or sing for him. make him feel comfortable and realise that your are always there for him.

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