my baby do different activities

1 to 3 years

Created by Naveen
Updated on Feb 20, 2019

he is a baby boy and he just do like girl activity like kahungi, khelungi etc. can anyone have same issue and can enyone explain how to come out from this.

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| Feb 20, 2019

hi naveen ! please make sure no body at home is talking to him like that.. try to use the correct words with the child. i am sure with change in the way people talk to him at home and around , he will pick up right words sooner or later..

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| Feb 20, 2019

naveen - pls don't worry and stay patient with your son. may be he's picking this up from his interactions with others. does he have friends who are boys and does he play with them? also, you could have a dedicated play time with your son daily in which you could in a very light and playful manner interact with your son.

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