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my baby doesnt want to eat

1 to 3 years

Created by Shruti Mittal
Updated on Oct 11, 2013

hi all, my daughter is 3. 5. she doesnt wanna eat anything & just want milk everytime. i tried to make even varities for her but still no positive results. pls suggest how cud i make her eat for her overall development n the things tht i cud give her

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| Oct 12, 2013

Hi Shruti, you may also find this blog relevant.

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| Oct 11, 2013

Thanks Shikha.... I wud def try this n hope it works????????

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| Oct 11, 2013

Hi dear Shruti! I can understand how stressful this cud be for u. Wat I suggest u cud do is to add colour n design to her dish. For example: u cud make spongebob squarepants , hello kitty shape sandwiches or different animal shapes sandwiches in which u can fill potato cheese, paneer, omellette, etc. make a parantha with grinded spinach, to give green colour or puréed carrot or green peas parantha etc. to give colour, taste a well as nutrition. As u have mentioned she loves to have milk u cud try making milk based recipes like moussse, Kheers, custard with fruits in it. Or u cud add different shapes chocos to milk. If she likes sweet taste harp on that and make more of sweet dishes, n if salty try making, poha, idli, dosa dokhla etc. do not force feed. Just reward her n praise for trying a new dish. On a first try she might just take two spoons. Just do not get disheartened. Count this as a successful attempt. Next day try same dish may be she likes it even more n take more spoons. U cud try giving her in attractive plates make her sit on dining table with table laid well. It is advisable u cud serve her meals with whole family so that the child feels since everyone is eating I shd too do so. The whole recipe to make her eat includes ingredients such as love, appreciation, praise, motivation, colour, variety n taking care of her choice, hope this helps!

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