my baby don't sleep at night what Wil i do

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Updated on May 21, 2017

baby sleep regarding

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| May 21, 2017

Some babies may develop a pattern where they fall asleep easily but they also wake back up shortly after. This often results in mom suffering from sleep deprivation causing negativity and even depression. The average sleep cycle is 40minutes long. A light-sleeper may easily wake up at the turn of a sleep cycle. If baby wakes up earlier than expected, mom shouldn’t immediately pick him/her up. Leave the baby as is with the Instant Baby Sleep sound track playing… You can also use another technique to teach baby to skip a wakeup. If baby wakes up…to help your baby sleep through the night. Get the full article, amongst other baby sleeping tips, as part of the download: Instant Baby Sleep Implementation guide and MP3 sound track.

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| May 21, 2017

Hey dear.. Sleep patterns of your little one will keep changing in the first few months. So don't worry it's a phase and your lo will sleep better gradually. What you can follow try differentiating day and night. Keep your home light and open during day. m and at night keep room dark and with no noises especially tv. Try giving bath and massage before bedtime. Swaddle him to avoid reflux. Take care and happy motherhood...

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