My baby drool a lot..

Shwetha Rajendra
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Updated on Feb 05, 2016

My daughter is now 5 month old. she is drooling like crazy! So much so that I put a bib on her all the time so that I could just change that when it was wet instead of changing her clothes all the time,is it normal that excessive drooling or saliva dribbling in her mouth?plz give me some remedies..

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Nitesh Jain

| May 13, 2016

Drooling wil stop automatically in few days son was dng d same thing wen he was 5mnths old ..

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gayatri chadwa

| Feb 05, 2016

She might start teething keep a watch if she gets more cranky or uneasy.. also make sure you dab the mouth dry everytime. my baby is drooling the same way...

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