my baby has cough cold PL suggest home remedies

0 to 1 years

Created by Renju Jyothish
Updated on May 28, 2017


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| May 28, 2017

hi rinju... ur baby is too tiny to be given anything orally.... plz try remedies that are other than oral... don't give any medication without doc's supervision.... u could try dese remedies otherwise.... 1. rub some ajwain in ur palms n let ur baby smell it... 2. melt some camphor in coconut oil and rub on the back and feet of your baby, just apply a lil... 3. use a humidifier in your room and fill the room with vapour of haldi or zindatilismat and let your baby inhale the vapor indirectly.. don't give direct steam to ur baby.... 4. apply some haldi on ur babys scalp... 5. rub som zindatilismat or eucalyptus oil on ur night wear when the baby is close to u... make sure the smell is not very strong.... don't use vicks it acts as in reverse for babies... don't keep ur babys feet n head exposed... cover well if u take ur baby ot in a very crowded place in fact avoid such places... avoid anyone around ur baby that is suffering from cold... u can avoid eating banana for a while... if symptoms persist for more than 5 days Consult ur paed....

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| May 28, 2017

you can give daal soup or chicken soup and try to give Luke warm water. don't give fruit's as somtime it increase cold. if possible give vepour n put shocks in night.

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